Fufu pounding machine in vogue

Fufu pounding machine in vogue

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Fufu is a traditional delicacy enjoyed mostly by the Ashantis. It is made by pounding cassava and plantain, yam or cocoyam. The final outcome comes out gummy after twenty to 30 minutes of pounding, using pestle and mortar, in order to get the softness that one requires. It can be enjoyed with different kinds of soups but the most enjoyed are light soup, groundnut soup and palm nut soup.

This process, however, is very stressful and time consuming since it requires a lot of energy to be done right. Due to this, a number of people have come up with plausible solutions to solve this problem and to ensure that consumers continue to enjoy their special delicacy without having to endue the stressful nature of getting it done.download (10)

Furthermore, in Africa, well-built men take up the task of the continuous pounding, while the women knead the dough. these women sometimes get their fingers 'pounded' in the process.

The story has changed now with the invention of the electronic fufu pounding machine, which was invented by some students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The machine which is also fast and convenient, has found its way into the hearts of most chop-bar operators, leading to the unemployment of the traditional 'well-built men' pounders. They believe it is a good invention since it saves time and improves customer service.

With its high patronage, it is indeed clear that the machine has come to stay. 

By: Rosemond Nana Ama Safo

Level 300JN, A


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