Improved Admission System for School of Graduate Studies.

Improved Admission System for School of Graduate Studies.

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MG_0060.JPG21129University education has taken a different tool as the school of graduate studies allows level 400 students apply for masters level education whiles in school. Initially degree graduates waited a year after completion of their four (4) year course before they can apply for post graduate level education.

One of the universities that undertakes this new change in admission of level 400 students in pursuing their masters’ course is the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

In an interview with the Senior Assistant Registrar of Graduate School of GIJ, Mr. Ofosu Obeng, he noted some very necessary requirements, advantages, courses, reasons and lecture periods for the post graduate level education.

Mr. Ofosu Obeng said the idea for change in G.I.J was made by the institute’s management board. He also added that the step is being taken in all university institutions. Criteria for admitting students he said would be based on results, with its cut off point as second class lower. Admission of post graduate students is in progress.

IMG_20160610_174756Post graduate students wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of piling up lesson notes and pamphlets as no new courses would be added. But students would have to rather make a conscious effort to make time for studies since they would be in a matured class and much would be expected from them. Mr. Obeng said students will re-sit a paper if they fail and should be very attentive to this fact. Number of students to be admitted is not limited and everyone or anyone can be admitted as far as you qualify (pass) in both final results and entrance exams. Students from other institutions are also qualified for the course if they pass the necessary requirements. No favorability’s relating to school and personality allowed.

The entrance exam (aptitude test) will be conducted to help select students who will make the final admitted class. Qualification for the post graduate level education is first class, second class upper and second class lower. No third classes allowed. No matter the qualification students will not be allowed to join the class if they do not pass the entrance exam. Mr. Obeng said students outside G.I.J will write the entrance exam once they meet the required qualification. All G.I.J students who have applied will however write the entrance exam as awaiting results since their results are not out but will be selected, comparing their results and entrance exam when they finally come out.

Finally, lecture periods for post graduate studies are from 4:00pm to 8:00pm on weekdays. There is no age limit for qualification. Fees have not been fixed yet and students are advised to visit for further update.

Story by:  Tackie Gifty Naa O.T Diploma 1a

Image by: Richard Asiedu level 300


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