BECE Candidates Show Optimism Ahead Of Final Test

BECE Candidates Show Optimism Ahead Of Final Test

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Candidates Bethel Memorial School

Candidates of St. James PreparatoryStory by: Sarah Agyekum ( Level 300JNB)

The 2016 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) kicks off on Monday June13 and ends on the 17th. Candidates and teachers of some schools in the Greater Accra Region have described their preparedness towards the final exams for Basic Schools. A total of 461,013 candidates from 14,267 schools across the country are expected to sit for the exams. The Greater Accra Region contributes 81,920 candidates. Students will be trooping to their examination centers to sit a paper which quite probably turns to be the first major external examination for some of them. At this moment, such students are normally gripped with the fear of being invigilated by teachers, other than their own. To avoid this, many schools are compelled to organize different examinations from some external examiners to keep their students in shape.

Speaking with gijonlinenews, Mr. Leger Nikiema, a French teacher of St. James Preparatory school in Tema Community 17, expressed the readiness of his students towards the BECE. “Our students are adequately prepared for the examination. When it comes to BECE, it is not only about lessons learnt in JHS 3. The syllabus is broad so we have made sure we revise everything from primary. We have conducted both internal and external examinations for our students. These were to make them feel a little bit at ease to write with other schools” Mr. Nikiema said.

BECE has given sleepless nights to most students. The anxiety alone is a worry. However, these candidates seem so confident and believe in their abilities. According to some of these students, they have tackled series of questions from different schools and have also solved many past questions, leaving them without any fear to face the scary exams. They added that, they have not only studied their books, but have also taken the advice of their teachers, especially about how to answer questions. They have, however, put their writing instruments in order, and can’t wait to kick off.

Nicole Eklu Lebene, a candidate of St James JHS at Tema Community 17 in Accra spoke about her readiness to face the examination. “I have learnt a lot. I wake up at dawn and spend at least two hours with my books. So I believe I am well prepared.” she said.

Boys’ Prefect of the Bethel Memorial School at Nungua-Accra, Nana Owusu Amoateng also shared his view. According to him, he is well prepared for the BECE because he has had enough time to learn and had taken the advice of his teachers and parents.

Assistant Head teacher of the school Mr. Patrick Fotse explained how ready their students are due to the intensive teaching, counseling and trial examinations offered to their students. “They are very well prepared. They’ve been writing series of likely questions set with our expertise. We have also tried to psych them because they are children and this is the first major examination in their lives, so we have to prepare them psychologically. Also, we have invited some education officers to talk to them on several occasions.” he said.

The Girls' Prefect of the school, Ainooson Joan Anita also added her voice. “I am really prepared because I have studied for quite a long time and I don’t have any fear in me.”

The candidates however, admitted that it has not been easy coming this far where they are poised for success. To them, the examination fever is rather intriguing.

A total of about 25 and 70 candidates will sit for the examination for St. James Preparatory School and Bethel Memorial School respectively. The zeal and enthusiasm of both the teachers and their students define their optimism in coming out with flying colors.

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  1. Great story

  2. Wish all BECE candidates the best. They should not fear but be strong and deliver to satisfaction. They should aim for the As (EXELLENCE). Average is not good at all.
    May you enter and come out with flying colours in Jesus name. Amen

  3. Great story…..casting my mind back and thinking of the things i went through to write my BECE and where i am now….can say hard work reli pays off.

    To the BECE candidates i say hard work and determination is the key….and in your doings put God first and acknowledge his presence with u…and it will be well with u

  4. tanx for the story, we pray and hope that the good Lord will crown their effort with success.

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