“Waist trainers are deadly,” experts say

“Waist trainers are deadly,” experts say

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In recent times, corsets or waist trainers strainers are worn by women in their bid to have tiny waists and flat stomachs so as to fit into and look good in a dress they desire to wear.

However, experts say wearing a corset does not really reduce one’s weight.

“You can reduce the collection of fat in any one particular area of your body. If you push your stomach in, all the fat will go right back to where it was no matter how long you wear a corset or waist trainer. Indeed, some people can get away with wearing the waist trainer without any real harm done but for a real, long-term weight loss plan, you are better off looking elsewhere,” says Mrs Asare, a midwife at the UCC Hospital in Cape Coast.

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Another health expert who is a gynaecologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr James Boachie, also told gijonlinenews.com that forcing the ribs and muscles into a tight and restrictive garment can cause chronic pains and bruising.

He was quick to add that, even though he had not come across any study that provides empirical evidence that wearing of waist trainers can harm a woman’s reproductive health, contracting the midsection of the body could potentially harm some internal organs that reside in the region.

“In actual fact, there is nothing wrong with wearing a girdle or corset to help one to keep in shape to wear a dress, but if you wear it too tight, you are going to hurt yourself. However, there is no evidence to show that this change will remain permanent when the wearer stops using the garment,” he warned.

There is also the theory that the stomach can be squeezed into a smaller shape, causing less hunger and less overall intake of calories with weight loss as a result. But there is no clinical proof that this is effective or beneficial to a woman.

However, if a woman keeps wearing it for an extended period of time, it would lead to the crushing of her organs, compression of her lungs and fracturing of her ribs.

Research shows that wearing a corset neither trims one’s waist nor flattens the tummy, but rather just lowers one’s calorie intake which results in a weight loss. When a woman wears a waist trainer, she squishes her lungs and ribs, which makes it hard to breathe. The study also indicates that the tight corsets and waist trainers can prevent flow of blood to the heart, which can affect blood pressure and may cause dizziness and even blackouts.

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