Social Media Relationship Saga

Social Media Relationship Saga

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Social media, a modern platform for interaction, plays a fundamental role in today’s ‘global village’ as espoused by McMillan.

Many people meet their partners through platforms such as Facebook and twitter which gives them the advantage to connect with other people around the world.

From what starts with the sending and receiving of friend requests from unknown people, these interactions turn to have the tendency to develop into closer relationships. This kind of relationships can be termed as virtual relationships since they are done via the internet.

Friendship is what brings many people together. Chatting to know each other well. Most people meet before proposing while others propose before meeting.

In recent times, many people chat their love ones through Facebook and from there, they go on a date to meet each other physically. However, the saga on the other hand has some effects on others which lead to their untimely death by meeting the wrong people. Some people have found the medium of Facebook productive for fraudulence. They use deceptive means to extract money and other valuable assets from rich people.

Others get murdered after exchanging nude pictures of themselves with these “friends” they tend to have met through Facebook. The rate at which people die through social media relationship is rampant and needs to be curbed.

Will social media hinder its users from sending nude pictures and still finding their loved ones and life partners as well?

Social media has been of benefits to some people and at the same time caused damage to some lives.

By: Lamptey-Mensah Majorin Diploma 1B, Ibrahim Ayishatu Diploma 1B

and   Jalal-deen Mohammed Diploma 1C




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