“I’m not just a dancer” – Peter Okoye

“I’m not just a dancer” – Peter Okoye

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“I will say it in front of the camera. I do a lot. But for me, there is no challenge because I say the things that I know. I say the things that I let people know. I’ve been a creative person. I’m a very creative person but people still look at me as a dancer. It hurts but at the end of the day, I’m still a very creative person.”

“It hurts when people see me just as a dancer”, Peter Okoye, half of the P-Square duo, has said.

According to Peter in an interview on HipTv, he created the P-Square Structure and does a lot to keep the duo going.

“I am more than just a dancer and it hurts when fans see me only as a dancer”.
The Star said: “I don’t think there are so many challenges because even on tour as P Square, I was the one doing the whole structure and trying to get things done properly.”

By: Caleb Nii Boi Boye


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