Ms Ada demands apology from police for “lying”

Ms Ada demands apology from police for “lying”

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Ms AdaMs Ada

Former YFM presenter, Princess Ada is demanding an apology from the Ghana Police Service, for “lying” about her alleged rape saga.

According to her, it would be in the best interest of the police to make public the outcome of their investigations into her alleged kidnapping and rape.

Princess Ada, popularly known as Ms Ada (Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka) became the headlines in 2015 after news broke that she had been abducted and gang-raped. Photos of the alleged act also circulated on social media.

However, police investigations revealed that she staged the kidnapping and rape and that it was the fifth time she had gone missing. 

But in an interview on Multi TV’s Pulse, Ms Ada insisted she was kidnapped and described the police report as the “biggest black lie.”

She said, “I was virtually raped. The police should come back to the public and probably apologise. It is not for me. It is for their own reputation. It is not for me.”

According to her she can hardly remember what took place after she was kidnapped, except that she was in a room full of smoke.  

“I could see people around me I couldn’t really make out. I wasn’t in total control,” she said.

"The next thing I saw I was in a car moving from Takoradi to Accra…the next thing I was in the police station then I was in the hospital, then I was handcuffed."

According to Ms Ada, following the incident, she hired the services of a private investigator to get to the bottom of the matter and it was found out that she was a victim of sexual violence; thus, making the police report unacceptable.

She also noted that it was after the incident that she got to know for the first time that she was suffering from a bi-polar disorder.

“Doctors say I have a bi-polar disorder. It was my first time of hearing about it”.



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