David Kweku Eshun – GIJ Personality of the Week

David Kweku Eshun – GIJ Personality of the Week

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David Kwaku EshunDavid Kwaku Eshun

If you know this gentleman, then you know what's up. If you don't, well, then this article came to change that!


David Kweku Eshun, alias 'Kay' or 'MediaEshun', is well-known on campus for his neat, gentle and affable nature. He likes to refer to himself as a "political elephant" as he is deeply in love with politics. He is a football fanatic and adores Messi, as I leant from from a reliable source. He is also an amazing and avid blogger. His closest buddies are David Acheampong (Dave), Evans Odoi (Fiifi) and Jonah Eledi. He adores, admires and has so much love for the veteran journalist, Kweku Baako. [Notice they both have the same day name?]


Kay is also known well as the incumbent president of Keteke Ghana, a youth humanitarian group based on campus. Those he's worked with attest to the fact that he's hardworking, very calm and humourours, hence, fun to work with.


Kweku attended Hariom International School in the Central Region for his basic education and then went on to Methodist High School, also in the Central Region, for his secondary education. In 2013, he enrolled at the Ghana Institute of Journalism and majored in Journalism in 2015 when in level 300. He enjoys watching football and documentaries, engaging in political debates and listening to music.



About Keteke

Founder: Samuel Creppy

Co-founder: Gabriel Obodai Torbor Ashong


The club seeks to, among other things, support pupils and students in deprived communities through annual donations. Every semester the group embarks on some major activities and projects, prominent among them is the “Keteke Humanitarian Missions”, to targeted rural and deprived communities. This is one of three main projects Keteke Ghana is known for. The other two initiatives are; Newsletter Production and Capacity Building Workshops we organise for students on GIJ campus.

Keteke’s vision is to become the most credible student organization in Ghana through development journalism.

The group helps young people to form the belief that it is possible for them to make the world a better place, not only for themselves, but for their fellow men also.

On their humanitarian trips, the group conducts research, partakes in communal volunteerism, organises workshops on topical issues and makes donations to these communities. These efforts are geared towards creating awareness on improved sanitation, dangers of teenage pregnancy, maternal mortality, as well as help to unearth talents in various aspects of human life. The group has also directed efforts toward tackling issues of “complex” in the youth of these communities to enable them become more assertive and better able to contribute meaningfully towards development.

The group also mobilizes resources from various individuals as well as public and private institutions. The items emanating from the resource mobilisation include textbooks, chalks, pens, pencils, exercise books, mosquito nets and clothes. It is a part of their hall mark to always make a donation which comprises of those items to targeted basic schools in the communities they visit.

The Keteke humanitarian missions create a platform for students to practicalise good journalism and PR practices learnt in the classroom as budding communicators towards the development of the country.

Keteke Ghana's maiden outreach project was organised in 2012. The beneficiary village was Otibilkrom, located in the Central region of Ghana. 63 student volunteers were organised to teach pupils in the village. In 2013, the group visited Otibilkrom again to check their progress. They have since been to Azizanya and Kewunor, both in Ada; and then Funko, Ampatano and Kamfokrom, all in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Through their contribution and intervention, the only basic school in Otibilkrom was certified by the Ghana Education Service (GES). Subsequently, GES has started posting national service personnel to the school. Keteke Ghana also helped in providing portable drinking water to the community of Otibilkrom through collaborative partnership with the District Assembly of the area.


Involvement with Keteke
There's nothing much to talk about. Kweku Eshun was introduced to the group in 2013 by his predecessor, EUGENE KOFI AYEH and also SAMUEL CREPPY, the founder. He has since worked through the grass roots till he was ushered into the highest office as the Keteke President last year.


Ever heard of the The DUNCANS? Well, they are a group of soon-to-be level 400 young men who describe themselves as more than just friends, a clique or male gang; they are a 'family'. Since that fateful day the placement system of GIJ decided they all be put in Level 100 C, they met, hit it off smoothly and have never ever fallen apart. Kay is a part of this remarkable group and is known as a 'Senior Duncan'.


Kweku is highly spoken of by his friends and colleagues alike. Speaking to a few of them, I gathered that he "seems ready for what the future holds", "is ambitious, self-disciplined and certainly has a bright future", "is simply incredible", "is the guy you can just walk up to any day, any time, anywhere", "has a unique way of affecting those around him positively" and "is one of those people you meet at some stage of your life who end up sticking till you lose your memory."




When asked if there was a special woman in his life, this is what he had to say: "applicants are free to apply for my services but I'm casting my tentacles wide. I've spotted a pretty damsel though but it's premature…lol."


So, now that you know David Kweku Eshun (for those of you who didn't already) or know him much better (for those of you who knew him slightly), feel free to get in touch with him for personal or Keteke-related issues via the following:

Facebook – Kweku Eshun

Twitter – Kay Specter; @mediaeshun

Skype – kweku.eshun3


Or read his pieces here: www.mediaeshun.blogspot.com

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