Tryphena Lizzert Yeboah- GIJ Personality of the Week

Tryphena Lizzert Yeboah- GIJ Personality of the Week

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tryphena4If you know her, you love her. If you don't know her, you're missing. And if you know her and you don't love her, you're just jealous.

This girl always always has a smile on her face. A picture freak who never smiles without her teeth showing. A girl who is always the life of the party, and when there's no party, she is the party.

An old girl of one of Ghana's premier second cycle institutions, Wesley Girls' Senior High School (WeyGeyHey), Tryphena is one of the most brilliant girls you'll ever meet. In the books, she's up there, never leaving her books for a second. Everyone in her class knows she's smart and is a beneficiary of the Lebanese scholarship. In sociability, she up there too. You can only admire how she relates to people. You can't even tell if she doesn't really like you.

That she writes and writes extremely well comes as no news. Visit her blog, to see what I mean. Her pieces are amazing! Always so real and touching the core.

A true artist, her instagram page (@tryphenayeboah) speaks to you as well. Photos are premeditated and arranged aesthetically. On poems, you don't need to be told; that girl is deep! tryphena5

But speaking about "Try", as everyone calls her, it would be incomplete without mentioning her love for God. She is proudly the outgoing General Secretary of GIJ's Campus Christian Family (CCF). And oh, did I mention she sings? I didn't? Well, now you know.

So this week we celebrate this girl with a big heart and so much love to give. She is a beautiful soul and a true blessing.

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  1. To be honest, all the joy that comes from reading this beautiful piece about me cannot be compared to how much respect I have for the person who wrote this down. In a world where everyone is fighting to be heard or seen, I believe there is utter humility in the act of seeing people for who they are, and making it a personal mission to promote them, to support them, and to encourage them. I am absolutely grateful for such an amazing way to be celebrated and urged on. I pray everyone who gets on opportunity to be on this platform sees it exactly for what it is : a community of deep souls that seeks to bring out nothing but the best in eachother. Thank you!

  2. Try is simply amazing, I am proud to have met her first in Gij. She's a vital part of me and I will forever hold her in my heart….

  3. Maame Adwoa Ohenewa Adu

     Try is such a wonderful person and she inspires me a lot. May God continue to bless you Try!!!

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