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Technology has since its advancement made it easy for lovers to take for granted sweet words they are to whisper into each other’s ears to keep the relationship moving.

Sweet words are now considered a thing of the past as lovers can text I love you and I miss you to each other on the many available social media platforms which also slowly make them loose the creativity they have to employ to keep the relationship. While ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ are powerful phrases that would make the day of any lover, they lose their touch and effect when they are said too many times in a relationship.

When you are in the mood to make the day of a loved one, why not open up by whispering these 5 sweet words into the ears of your partner.

“I’m proud of you”

Guys may seem to be over confident enough to not need praises for an excellent and perfect job done. But then, guys are just as vulnerable as girls and would have doubts if they are not encouraged by their women because they look forward to pleasing their women more than their bosses.

“I’m sorry”

Two simple words.

They hold much worth but are skipped by most lovers when they know they should really say them. Relationships hit rock bottom very often and it is important to let your partner know how sorry you are for doing something wrong, and this will go a long way to show them how you love, respect and care for both them and the relationship.

“You’re attractive and smart”

Partners need to hear from each other that they are still attractive. This helps build the esteem of both partners and they are able to walk shoulder high among their friends. Though attractiveness count, your partner also needs to know you love the way they think and the way their mind works.



“You always know how to cheer me up”

A healthy relationship is one that survives both the ups and downs. It’s good to be there for your partner during their cheerful moments but its best to be with them during their sad and heartbreaking moments. Partners feel powerless and helpless when they are unable to cheer the other during their sad moments. They wonder if someone else is doing what they are supposed to do. So letting each other know they are good at cheering you up is the sweetest thing you can ever say to them and it makes them know you count on them when you are sad.

“You still take my breath away”

Partners in a relationship are happiest when they know they still make the impression they made on each other when they first met. Do you think your partner still has what it takes to make you feel breathless? Then let them know you’re still crazy about them like you were from day one.


Story by; Tackie Gifty Naa O.T (Dip 2A)








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