No Pregnant Student Should Be Dismissed From Exam Hall – Education Ministry

No Pregnant Student Should Be Dismissed From Exam Hall – Education Ministry

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Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa

The Ministry of Education has bid heads of all educational institutions across the country to desist from preventing pregnant students from writing their examinations.

The Deputy Minister of education in-charge of tertiary education, Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa answering questions from a high school student at the Western Regional edition of the Government for the People Forum in Takoradi warned that;

 “The education ministry’s policy is clear on this that no pregnant student should be discriminated against and all regional and district directors, heads of institutions, from JHS level through to SHS, colleges of education and all heads of other tertiary institutions are reminded to abide by it.”

According to the Minister, it is also unacceptable for any institution to deny pregnant students access to examinations centres.

He averred “it is wrong to ask student trainees in colleges of education who marry or get pregnant to go home and we are reminding all heads of these institutions to abide by it.”

Mr. Okudzeto also cautioned students to desist from abusing the policy, warning “we are not saying that because this policy exists, as a young girl, just go and get pregnant and forget about your studies. No. That is indiscipline.”

“Often I empathize with our heads of institutions. Imagine if all heads of institutions say because of the policy they will not speak against it, that will lead to indiscipline. It’s is the reason we want these young ones to stay focus on books and direct their energies on other co-curricular activities such as physical education.”

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa added that, “it is the boys who put the girls in that situation and then it becomes only the girl’s headache. We continue, we write our exams and progress to the next level, and the girl has to deal with all that follows….if we are to ever review this policy and do anything, it will be to the boys who impregnate the girls”.

By: Derrick Amo Offei

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