Foreign League and Local League: a lopsided gam

Foreign League and Local League: a lopsided gam

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During the 1st Capital Plus Premier League Finals Coronation ©Christian Thompson/BackpagePixDuring the 1st Capital Plus Premier League Finals Coronation ©Christian Thompson/BackpagePix


….But who is to blame?


The handlers of local football, the football association

(FA) the local media (print and electronic), the fans, the

Satellite television stations, the betting companies etc.

Either wholly or partly someone or some people shall

Always be held for the progress as much as for

Retrogression of any phenomenon.


In our part of the world we always look for that

Scapegoat whenever things are not going as planned.

Pressing the panic button is something that Ghanaian

Football administrators are fond of doing and the

Innocent coaches are mostly the victims of such

Reckless decisions.

Opoku Nti is undoubtedly one of the best players Kotoko

Has ever produced but credentials as an administrator

Are questionable. He does not boast of an excellent

Educational background neither does he have a tag as a

Successful business man who can market kotoko and

Push them to level they want to attain.

In this regard I suggest its time Otumfour takes his

Team and give it to an astute business man with a

Football mind (the kk sarpong Type) .

He should be tasked to draw at a 5 year plan which

Include winning the league and making impact in

Continental competitions.

He may be the owner of the team, but isn't it time

Otumfour takes his hands off the team and allow a

Business man bridge the gap between the traditional

Aspect of the game and the corporate aspect of the


The president, in his state of the nation address sent a

Message to the Ghana football association instructing

Them to wake up and do whatever possible to reposition

The local league and send it back to its glory and glossy


The Ghana league used to be the envy of other

Countries on the continent. For a player to decline an

Offer to play in the English league and commit himself to

Kotoko shows how valuable and how great the Ghana

League used to be back then. (Reference here is to rev.

Osei Koffi).

From the 70s right to the early 2000s the local was one

Of the best if not the best in Africa. This period

Coincided with the national teams achieving success in

Africa and world football.

The likes of Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak constantly

Participated in continental competitions. Not just

Participate but made huge impact

With kotoko winning the Africa cup of champions in

1970 and 1983.

Accra Hearts of oak on the other hand were runners up in the

1979 champions cup.

They won the CAF champions league as recently as

2000 and the CAF super cup in 2001. Not forgetting the

2004 confederation cup triumph with the famous 64

Battalion squad.

The likes of Olympics, Ashgold etc participated in the

Various CAF competitions and did not disgrace Ghana

Football. So how did we get to where we are today? A

Lot of factors has contributed to the sudden decline of

The quality and patronage of our local league.

Blame it on player exodus which partly due to club's

Inability to remunerate them very well as well as the

Continued preferential treatment given to foreign

Players when it comes to national team selection.

The Ghana Football association's unwillingness to

Market the league as well applying the law to the

Letter when club's act in contravention to the GFA


A typical example is the case that delayed the

Commencement of the 2014-2015 league season. King

Faisal sued the FA because they felt they were not

Treated fairly. When such things happen it takes the

Interest out of the league with supporters knowing that

There are plots against certain clubs in the league.

The greatest contributor to the lack of patronage of our

Local league is the proliferation of the European league.

Local stations now spend chunk of their airtime to

Discuss the foreign leagues such as the English

Premier league, Spanish La Primera Liga, Italian Serie A etc.

When the station of nation GTV telecast live Bundesliga

Matches, then you know that Ghana football has lost


In doing so they whet the appetite of their listeners in

The foreign leagues to the detriment of the local league.

They run commentaries on the various European leagues.

Tune in to a sports show and 70% of the discussion is

Centred on the European leagues.

uefa_champions_league_2013_2014_by_jafarjeef-d6mjt4oHow do we get ourselves out of this situation, just as

The president said the Ghana football association

Should be up and doing. The rules of the association

Must be adhered to and whoever act against it must be

Punished irrespective of the club or individual's position

In Ghana football.

Employ the services of marketing and branding experts

To brand our league and make it appealing to the

Corporate world. The clubs must also do same. Our

Local players must sign professional contracts and be

Paid handsomely.

Imagine a player pocketing Ghc200 (about $ 75 a

Month) this is preposterous and the FA must ensure

That players are paid very well.

When all these are done then we can resort to the

Proposal by Sanni Daara some months ago to ban the telecast of

European games on free to air television and radio

Stations. Let’s do our homework first.

Story: Gyane Ansong Festus.



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