Implications of Chewing Gum

Implications of Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum is common among most Ghanaian section. It is normal for most adult and teenagers to chew gum.

Chewing gum which is a sweetened flavored confection has been in existence for a long time. It is made of a substance called chicle. Chicle is a latex sap that comes from the sapodilla tree. It was invented in 1848 by John B. Curtis.

A lot of interviews have been conducted on the mass and the opinions they shared is that chewing gum freshens their mouths to prevent mouth odor.

Most people chew gum due to the flavor. Since chewing gum is made of a lot of flavors people fall in love and due to that, others chew gum to limit food cravings. Lot of people claim that chewing doesn’t make them have appetite for food. It reduces their intake of food. Others chew gum to release stress. Some people claim when they chew gum it helps them release stress by reducing their burden and thought.

Aside their opinions there are health implication of chew gum. It causes over production of stomach. This is because when one chew it sends a message to the body that food is about to enter. The enzyme and acid that entered are released. This lead to stomach ulcers.

Chewing gum on one side more than the other cause jaw muscles in balance. This can be a very painful, chronic condition .It can lead to headaches, earaches.  Chewing gum also causes tooth decay due to the sweets in them.

Society frowns upon it. This because chewing gum shows a sign of disrespect when talking an adult or an elderly person. Places like the court, church and ceremonial functions prohibit people from chewing gum. People stick chewed gum on walls ,floors ,chairs and others. Others disturb when they chew gum.

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