CSR – An act of duty or profit?

CSR – An act of duty or profit?

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By: Salimat Froko  L300PRb

Addressing the widely held perception that companies ought to practice CSR because they make large profits, Gifty Bingley, Head of Corporate Affairs at Tigo Ghana is of the view that companies should practice CSR as a sense of duty to the lives of people and communities they operate in.

“Companies and communities need each other in very fundamental ways. Just as companies benefit from the patronage of goods and services from communities, communities also need to benefit through the social interventions of businesses.”

“Ultimately the impact of CSR can be described as a two-way system which brings about real change. As a company, every little effort to create a sustainable impactful change counts,” she further explained.

In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a big component of running sustainable businesses the world over and companies in Ghana are rapidly embracing the concept.

For most organizations, the sole purpose of engaging in CSR practice is primarily to give back to communities in which they operate, as well as enhance their corporate image and reputation.

Over the years, the practice of CSR has evolved and moved beyond donations to charities and orphanages, to the undertaking of long-term developmental projects for deprived communities and citizens.

One such example is Tigo’s range of CSR projects which have won the company several local and international awards. They include Shelter 4 Education, Tigo Digital Change Makers and E-library on Wheels.

Ms. Bingley, explained that the company’s Shelter 4 Education project was aimed at providing both infrastructure and technological support to basic schools in rural Ghana, while the E-library on Wheels and the Digital Change-Makers were geared towards digital inclusion for children in deprived communities.

She indicated that Tigo’s focus on promoting education and bring rural children up to speed with new technological advancements is a “priceless gift which will impact several generations to come.”

Companies now more than ever, are incorporating CSR projects into their annual plans and budgets with key focus on monitoring the results of each activity and ensuring maximum impact for beneficiaries.


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