1st batch of internal internship programme ends today- what next?

1st batch of internal internship programme ends today- what next?

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By: Majorin Lamptey- Mensah Diploma 1B

June 1,2016 marked the set off for students internship programme. Students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism were segmented into various departments ; Radio GIJ, GIJonline News,PR Today and the Communicator.

The three month internship programme, which involved level 300 and diploma 1 students moving to their final year next academic semester,  generally, aimed at exposing students to an intensive practicality of what lecturers invested into them.

Of over 1,400 students participants, some had to begin as first batch, internally in the various departments; Radio GIJ, GIJonline news, PR Today and the Communicator.

After four weeks of hardwork, the first batch of students on their internal internship discover what is best sentence rewriter? and shared their experiences with  Gijolinenews.com

"I have improved on my writing skills, I can now write my own reports, edit my reports, vox pops as well as videos ; this internship has groomed me to be ready face the real world"  says Faustina Ayele Johnson.

Sarah Oteng also tells Gijolinenews.com, "I had few challenges when I moved to Radio GIJ after two weeks of television broadcast. You are expected to produce fresh stories everyday and comparing to television, I have a lapse to work on a new story" .

Others however, claim they are not conversant with some areas and as result, they could not give in their best in those moments. "I am not really a sports person so it was a challenge to work on sports stories" says Nana Kwame.

Others suggested, that being assigned in groups would have helped instead of individual assignments.

Jason Appiah, a first year diploma student who had his first month in the PR department, suggested more team work be done to enhance good networking as part of preparation for the job market.

Meanwhile, Mr.Charles Ayiku a supervisor for GIJonlinenews.com shared his view that, "so far it has not been bad, students are doing well with the exception of few stubborn 'nuts'. The page is managed by students and they have so much interesting plans such as mounting of banner, printing of stickers, T-shirts and even organizing events to propagate the GIJonlinenews department".

However, Clement Edward Koomsah , a co  -supervisor for Radio GIJ was more concerned about the discouraging attitudes of the second session of students who had just elapsed two weeks at the television broadcast and ended their first month of internal internship at the Radio broadcast.

He said, "if students don't develop  much proactive attitude towards work, they won't grow up! "

On July 4 2016, the second month of the three month internship programme sets off in full fuel.

Supervisors at the various departments expects the second batch of students to be more active, cooperative and exhibit much dedication.

Again, supervisors strongly remind students of the image the Institute has accumulated over the years and so workdone at the day's end must promote a laudable impact on the mind the world.

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