Decline in Newspaper Purchases

Decline in Newspaper Purchases

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Ghana has a vibrant press that plays a key role in its political, social, economic and religious discourse. It emerged in the nineteenth and has remained on point to date. The media has given voice to popular campaigns in the field of independence, national unity, development and democracy throughout.
Newspaper sellers have attributed the slow patronage to the introduction of radio and television programs held daily.
In an interview with Mawuli a newspaper vendor, he indicated that due to the morning show programs hosted on radio and television, most people do not buy newspapers and this affect their market. He added that, most Ghanaians do not like to read. He attributed this to the level of illiteracy in the country and also laziness on the part if most people when it comes to reading.
Mawuli also thinks the advertisements in newspapers are more than the news stories. He complained that it does not make the newspaper attractive to readers because they think the information needed did not appear. He also said that headlines of the story are not catchy. The patronage of newspapers today is very low and much profit is not earned. This affects his sales and the income. He mentioned that sometimes sales for a day could go as low as 10 cedis.
Deborah Asamoah, a student who spoke to GIJ News Online said she hardly bought newspapers as she preferred listening to the radio.
Nora Asiedu, another student mentioned that she was comfortable with online news rather than newspapers because of its accessibility and portability.
Undoubtedly, competing with other media channels like radio, television and online portals is no small joke, especially now that the electronic media and even the press all have online portals now. Why should use money to buy a newspaper when we could that same information online? There are some conservatives who would stick to newspapers no matter what, especially the elder generation. If however, newspaper producing companies have it in mind to get the youth reading from papers, they better give us something we won’t get anywhere else.

BY: Christiana Owusu Adade (L300)
Gifty Kwarteng Dwira (L300)

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