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Abuse of caffeine is the wrongful use of products containing active stimulants. On the other hand,  caffeine is a drug found in coffee and tea that makes you feel more active( advance learners dictionary,7th edition).

Although the consumption of caffeine- containing drinks and foods can be found throughout history, the active stimulant caffeine was identified by a German and French scientist , Ferdinand Runge in the early 1820s.

Caffeine is now the most frequently used stimulant and are used in most popular drugs and beverages. The most common sauce of caffeine include coffee beans, tea plants  kola nut etc.

In recent times, most beverages and foods seen on our markets and  shops  are  foods containing caffeine.

What do we see on our streets  today?

So many beverages on our streets  today have at least a percentage of caffeine and are being named energy drinks .

Looking at the trend and how more caffeine products are being consumed, sooner or later, caffeine will be added to our mineral  water (pure water) which one will not be able to fight against.

Beverages and foods containing caffeine are being consumed by all most all adults an d children living in Africa precisely Ghana . In reading a book  : drugs and society, the eight edition by three authors Glen R. Hanson, Annette E. Fleckenstein both with the department of pharmacology and toxicology, Utah salt lake city, and Peter J. venturelli  with the department of sociology, Valparaiso university, Indiana, they talked  about the chemical nature of caffeine.

In their book, they said ‘ caffeine belongs to a group  of drugs that have similar chemical structures and are known as the Xanthine’s. Although caffeine is obtained from natural and living things created by God, over dose  of  it has  numerous side effect on the human . much intake of caffeine  can affect ones immune system, cardiovascular and the respiration system and even other systems in  the body are also included as a result of every day intake. Caffeine increases secretion of digestive fluid in the stomach.

We are being made aware that too much of everything is bad but we rather, we turn to do vise versa. Today, drinks containing  caffeine are consumed by many people with ritualistic devotion first thing in the morning, before and after meals, at frequent intervals throughout the day. As human beings, we must try and lead life pleasing God and our health in order to live long on  the land promised buy God.  


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