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By:Belinda Osei. (L300 PR A).

Workers of zoomlion at tema station are calling on the government to help enable them keep the market and the station free from rubbish.

The Accra Tema Station is where most people board cars to their various locations,and the filth of the station is appalling. At the entrance of the Tema Station is a heap and pile of rubbish and the gutters surrounding the station are choked and give off bad odour.

In an interview with GIJ Online News, a zoomlion worker at Tema station, said that "the street sweepers, the junkie men that collect rubbish from the market and the traders bring their rubbish to the entrance of the station for it to be collected and sent to the main refuse dump."

Gutters are filled with filth and when it rains it overflows to the streets causing harm to food vendors and people who work there. According to them"we have days on which we distill the gutters like the sanitation day, we join hands with others to clean the station".

They said that, "they have called on the authorities severally to help them, but to no avail.the vehicles we use belongs to us , when we collect the rubbish at various points, we charge a all fee, that is what we use to fuel our vehicles."

They are calling on the government to have their interest at heart as they health is at risk with the kind of work they do,"the government does not give us anything, some of the workers don't have protective clothing, nose mask and other necessities, they don't give us even soap or detergent to wash our hands"

They are appealing to the government to interfere and support them since many people have quit and there are only a few of them now mankind the job extremely difficult to do.


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