Movie Industry Lucrative- AJ Sarpong

Movie Industry Lucrative- AJ Sarpong

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 Story by : Dorcas Erzuah and Anita Coleman – Mends

The film industry in Ghana began in 1948 when colonial office established the Gold Coast. Over the years,  Ghanaians has experienced growth dating back to the first movie, I Told You So.
      In an interview with GIJONLINENEWS, Adjoa Sarpong popularly known as AJ Sarpong a tv and radio personality, applauded the Ghanaian movie industry. She stated that, the film industry has grown tremendously in its leaps and bounds well in terms of story lines,  innovating settings and collaborations with other countries. In terms of how it is presently , it is in the best place and has become open.
    " The movie industry has also become lucrative but debatable in terms of how much people watch it. People become bigger celebrity as movie stars than music stars example is with the likes of Majid Michel and Nadia Buari who are known all across the world , people can know a song and not know who sang it but know a movie and know who acted it."
     According to her, the industry is growing considering the attention some actors has received internationally.
She also elaborated on the local movies. "Ghanaians take in a lot of foreign movies. It's  something  that is trying to change, despite local movies are also patronized a lot by Ghanaians.  In terms of quality we are not there yet, but serve a good purpose to Ghanaians and outside the country".
       She concluded by saying the movie industry can improve on better content and write ups to create more innovative movies that break boundaries.

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