The Beard:Why Keep it?

The Beard:Why Keep it?

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The beard on men is something we see every day. Some love to keep their beard long whiles others prefer to trim and keep it low. The reason behind their preference is basically because of fashion. The style of dressing keeps changing and people, especially the youth try to keep up.
One known reason some men keep their beard is for religious reasons; some other reasons, we had to find out.
In an interview with some men with beard, they explained they keep it because of the razor bumps they get after shaving. Keeping the beard prevents that.
Others also gave reasons that leaving it on makes them look nice, stylish, matured and elegant. To them the beard is just an addition to their dressing. You do agree that beard sure looks good on some people, right?
One funny reason given by Samuel Dontoh is that he keeps his beard because his girlfriend loves it; therefore he pleases her with that. Mmm… now an attraction magnet?
Another funny reason given by Kwasi Okyere is that, he has seen many people live with that so he is following. He says for him, anything that is trending must be tried out because it is the trend of the day; it would grow old in a while and something new would take over. He believes following trends makes him a fashionista.
Do you have any ideas about why some guys keep beards? Do you keep a beard? Why? Have you ever wondered why your brother or your man or your dad keeps their beard? Well, if you haven’t asked yet, find out and let us know!
BY: Christiana Owusu Adade (L300)

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