Flood: Accra Faces Menace Again

Flood: Accra Faces Menace Again

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For close to 4 hours rain heavily poured down in Accra this morning. The heavy rain had its way again, flooding most streets of Accra, With the Kwame Nkrumah Circle encountering a  similar occurrence to the June 3 disaster.

The area currently has every pathway chocked with water and items of water sachets, polyethlene bags and other food wrappers floating on the water surface. The rains covered most vendor shops as owners of the shops struggled to find a safe place from the flood over their shops. Overwhelemed with shock and helplessness, inhabitatants of the area watch in despair of their businesses and properties. Homes were flooded as well. Although fire did not accompany these rain, properties of the victims have encountered damage and loss.

By: Majorin Lamptey-Mensah (Diploma 2B)

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