Being In A Relationship With A Paranoid Partner…

Being In A Relationship With A Paranoid Partner…

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Being in a relationship in these modern times is very tough at the early stages. But certain people make this tougher than others. Though it’s normal to be wary of your partner in a relationship, and probably be making checks on him or her more than you normally should. That behavior is expected to die down over time especially when your partner has proved himself worthy and is planning on sticking around till the very end. Unfortunately some people keep it up for long and end up becoming a paranoid partner.


It mostly starts smoothly in all relationships but when dealing with a paranoid partner, your time is never really yours as you are always left giving accounts to these partners as to where you may have been, who you may have called, why you did not pick their call when it rang just once and so on. They basically run the worst possible scenario in their head about their partners. Though a relationship wouldn’t be dynamic without having a few faults, it gets annoying when ones partner tends to be smothering them and always in their business.

For instance- a man’s girlfriend who constantly checks her man’s phone for information every time he is in the shower or the extremist that goes as far as to text or call other women on her boyfriend’s phone to ward them off would be considered a paranoid person. In most cases we realize most people develop paranoia due to certain experiences they may have had before and tend to be overly skeptical and careful with a similar situation they are faced with again. Basically a girl who had her heart practically ripped out in the worst possible way in a relationship is prone to get paranoid when she enters a new relationship. There are other reasons as to why a person develops paranoia such as low self-esteem, insecurities, trust issues, and many others.


Being paranoid sometimes helps to find out if your partner is being faithful or upright but only if it’s done well and with evidence as to why there was suspicion in the first place. But when this gets too much, it could just as easily ruin the relationship because nobody wants to spend the rest of their lives with someone who always does not give them their trust. In a small scale survey of students in universities in Accra-Ghana, we could say that females are more prone to getting paranoid in a relationship more than males. Most reasons given by these females led up to the notion that they are more fragile than males. A good relationship should be built on trust, if there is trust there would be no need to worry or be paranoid.




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