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Diabetes Mellitus, popularly known as Diabetes is a terminology which denotes abnormal insulin and sugar metabolism in one’s system.

It has been recorded that about 2/3 of the total population of the world have diabetes. In general, a person with diabetes means too much sugar in their blood. When there is no insulin, glucose builds up in the body leading to diabetes

Diabetes symptoms vary in different people depending on the type. Some include frequent urination, unresponsive weight loss, weakness and fatigue, numbness in hands, feet and legs among others.

There are two main groups of diabetes which are mainly recognized. We have the type I and the type II.


Diabetes Type I

This is inherited from one’s family by infants (juvenile diabetes) from parents or bloodline.  People with type 1 diabetes must use insulin to control blood sugar and have to take their meals and snacks at regular times to increase the effects of insulin.

Diabetes Type II

This is usually acquired at the age of 40 years and above.(adult diabetes)  There is a likelihood of acquiring it if one is obesed. The traditional three meals a day whether or not patients with type II will experience the same benefits remains much to be ascertained. The appropriate use of diet alone works with diabetes II. Regular exercise is also beneficial.

In an interview with gijonline news, Dr. Adu Nsiah and Major Rtd Mrs. Oquaye, of Trust Hospital and 37 Military Hospital respectively advises that one should curtail the use of soft drinks if possible.


They further added that, one should desist from all forms of sugar if possible and resort to natural sugars such as fruits and beverages one is not allergic to.

No qualms about it that diet and exercise are the main treatment for diabetics. Unfortunately, persons who tried to lose weight by dieting realise it is not easy. This can produce long term cardiovascular benefits as well. Lack of exercise and poor diet can trigger hypoglycemic which requires extra calories to reverse it.

The American Diabetes Association advises diabetes to get 60% of their daily calories from carbohydrate rich sources.

80% of patients with diabetes if not controlled can lead to diseases such as heart diseases, blindness and stroke among others.


Good health is not the absence of disease but how you manage your lifestyle. A good lifestyle makes one healthy.

Story by: Obaa Yaa Ofosu Obeng


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