Technology Introduces Fufu Pounding Machine

Technology Introduces Fufu Pounding Machine

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In most cases, one needs a helping hand in pounding Fufu, a common local dish in Ghana, mostly among the Akans. A constant hitting of either boiled cassava, yam, plantain or the combination of any two with a pestle in a mortar until it changes to a mouthwatering fufu is no way an easy task.


Having the endurance throughout the process is a key factor, more to the one pounding than to the one stirring, though both are not without sweat. This tiring endeavor really and funnily keeps most people in their hideouts until the food is ready, before they show up.

However, this burden of squandering a lot of time and energy in pounding fufu only to have morsels of this delicious meal seems to be halted by technology; the Fufu Pounding Machine. With this machine, preparing fufu is at ease.


The boiled content is collected in the machine and within some few minutes it turns into fufu. Very simple and convenient.

With this introduction, the consumption of fufu is likely to be on the rise.


By: Charity Naa Dedei Armah.

       Dip 1A

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