Telco Internet Services Versus Traditional Café Services

Telco Internet Services Versus Traditional Café Services

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The operation of hundreds of traditional internet cafés across the country has been modified to include other services due to the emergence of internet packages offered by the telecommunications companies which are making café services redundant. According to some café operators, the situation has resulted in decline of sales except for the additional services some of them now provide. Out of about 153 cyber café operators across the country, some have had to close down their café centres due to the provision of internet packages from mobile network operators. (

Speaking with GIJ Online News, Mr. Joseph Antwi, an internet user, expressed his reasons for this situation. “I still think there is a need for internet cafes because sometimes, if you have large documents to download, using the internet café is faster and cheaper”, Mr. Joseph Antwi said.

Madam Celestina, a primary school teacher, said she did not see the need to use the internet café because with any internet bundle of her choice, she could conveniently use her phone to do what she wanted.

Some of these cyber operators now incorporate secretarial services like printing, photocopying and scanning; just to stay relevant.

Mr. Frank Gbadago, an IT instructor, said a balance of the two services was the best for him. However, he admitted that his patronage of internet café services had reduced considerably because with a modem and a laptop, he could do virtually everything that demanded internet access. The only times he used the services of a café shop was particularly for their secretarial services.

According Mr. Samuel Hayford, an IT expert, the internet services provided by the mobile operators are not so advanced to compete with cyber operators. He said until the mobile operators advance in network coverage to all parts of the country, cyber operators remain indispensable.

Story by: ANIM PRINCE ASARE (Level 300 JNB)

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