Must Weddings be huge to Prove love?

Must Weddings be huge to Prove love?

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Story by: Dorcas Erzuah Dip 1 A and Anita Coleman – Mends Level 300 PR

Marriage is the ultimate union and partnership of a man and a woman.
In contemporary times, marriage ceremonies have become a grave issue in the society, because of the huge expenses used.
Speaking to Mrs. Gifty Addiah, a wedding planner and caterer, she elaborated the ordeal some couples experience before wedding.
According to her, the brides often want a huge ceremony because of its significance without considering the economical consequences which leads to dept.
She stated that, if couples go according to their budget and plan well, they would likely have their dream wedding without any future depts.
She also frowned on the idea of lodging in a hotel before wedding, explaining that is a complete waste of money, unless the church is far from the brides house.
Also, the bridesmaids in some weddings are questionable and they source large cost.
She advised young ladies to save for their preferred weddings instead of daydreaming and going in for a fairytale one that was not planned.

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