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Story by: Dzamenu Peace (Dip 1A) and Natalie Nketsia Asiedu (Level 300C)

The just ended golden movie awards saw a full list of nominees from Africa countries. This award event is organized every year to appreciate film makers on the African continent. Outstanding achievements in the movie industry in Africa are rewarded

The second edition of the awards event was scheduled for the 25-06-2016 at the KEMPINSKI hotel situated within the gold coast city in Accra.

The event was programmed to start with a RED CARPET photo shoot at 7pm and the main show at 8:30.

An awards events besides the entertaining aspect which comes with the music, cheers and applause, seeks to honor certain individuals who have proven themselves deserving with their works.

The Golden Movie Awards has a MISSION of changing the narratives of Africa by awarding EXCELLENCE in the African through film and a VISSION to project and make the works of the African film makers attractive enough for a global appeal.

EXCELLENCE should be defined with all positivity and time consciousness plays a role.

Should we continue as Africans create our own time in all we do?

 Being over two hours late to an event organized to praise your hard work is a bit of worry and should be addressed.

The main events started at 10:30pm rather than the 8:30pm stated on the tickets. Obviously, organizers had to wait for a number of people including some of the nominees to be present before the show begun.

Some of the nominees who couldn’t make it for the events but won awards had no one to take and deliver a speech on their behalf. Apparently anybody could keep the awards for them. Shouldn’t good initiatives by African such as this be approached with a little bit of more seriousness?



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