“Lots Of Things Inspire My Creation” – Ghanaian Artiste

“Lots Of Things Inspire My Creation” – Ghanaian Artiste

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Hiplife artiste Kweiks is one rising star Ghana should look out for. Kweku Sekyi Abdallah also known as Kweiks in the music circles was born to Mr. and Mrs. Abdallah in 1990. His love for music according to him was nurtured right from primary through to J.H.S. where he started writing and rapping. It wasn’t until 2008 that he realized he had an amazing talent he could utilise.

Kweiks is an artiste that has won the hearts of many Ghanaian music lovers. His easy switch from hiphop to highlife shows his versatility in the music industry. Speaking to gijonlinenews, he describes his music as a blend of many genres. ‘’ I don’t restrict myself to a particular genre. There is a lot to learn and I don’t think one genre can do justice for me’’. He said.

In an answer to what inspires his writing of music, Kweiks replied he gets inspiration from everything. ‘’ the trotro mate, happenings at home, experirnces and stories of people, movies, my emotional state at any given point’’  lots of things inspire my creation, he emphasized.

He added that there are people he admires because they are super creative and talented but doesn’t have a role model. He stated that Sarkodie’s success should inspire every young artiste. ‘’ Let’s just say, Sarkodie’s success tells me that with hard work and consistency, anything is possible, we all saw where he started from and how far he’s come. He is an asset and that is what every artiste should strive for.’’


Kweiks witty and charming personality is often expressed in a number of his songs, one of them is ‘’ Ankwaanobi’’, a rhythmic highlife tempo which will get you tapping your feet and nodding or dancing to it.

When asked about his most touching moment in his youthful career, he said, I once performed at a program and one old woman approached my manager whom she didn’t know was my manager and requested I performed one more time because she really liked my songs. Many a time, you don’t have the old folks enjoy music of our generation. I’m blessed to have old folks enjoy my music. Kweiks is an alumni of the Ghana Institute of Journalism.


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