Motivational: Upclose With Justice Odoi

Motivational: Upclose With Justice Odoi

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Justice Odmoti3oi is a professional footballer, based in Qatar. He was born to Madam Mary Quarshie and the Late Mr.Emmanuel Boye Armah, and is the first child amongst three(3) children of his parents. He comes from Chorkor in the Greater Accra Region.

 Justice had his basic education at Elim Cluster of schools in Madina and from there, furthered to Odorgonno Senior High School for his secondary education. While in school he had his studies to concentrate on, but was playing football as well. Due to this he was challenged to give up because it wasn't easy combining foorball and studies. After senior high, Justice decided to fully concentrate on what he really had passion for. In as much as he wanted to play football, he didn't live his life in a way to be seen as a threat to society and his community. In an interview with him, he revealed that his greatest moltivation was his passion, family and friends.

 By and by, Justice got his luck shinning and was offered an opportunity to travel outside the country to fulfill his passion for football. He is a striker/winger in El-jaish sports club in Qatar where he has scored 20 goals in the junior division.

Many a time, people who really have passion to play football and any other related sports and even any other career, wish to travel outside the country so as to be able to earn more than what they receive in the country.


Justice seeks to be an inspiration to several others who have chosen a similar or same path. The life of this influential footballer seeks to tell us that, one doesn't need to be part of a well known team or group to be able to go far but rather, hardwork,respect and determination is what it takes. And his final words was " Keep the faith and prayer with hardwork and determination, anyone can make it and dreams also do come true so never give up and give it all to God to control".

Story by Eva Abakah

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