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In this day and age we increasingly see many women making alterations to their bodies to get a desired look for many reasons but one common reason is to please their partners. Most men of today have a high appreciation for how their partners look, from having a pretty looking face, big round busts, flat tummies, hips and butts to say a few. The preference of most of these guys influences the females to make this changes to suit the men.

Unlike the days of old where most women employed the “take me as I am mentality”, today the demand from men for specific looks has made many women think twice because they believe if they do not measure up to the preference of their husbands or boyfriends, they would gradually lose interest and make plans of taking on a new female partner who will be willing to make those changes that suit them. The perfect body is the order of the day for most women who are willing to put in the work. Most of these changes are ranging from expensive hairdo, different ranges of makeup, clothing and shoes from recognized fabric companies which most women employ to improve their overall look. Some of the ladies tend to put in much more effort into their looks by putting extra hours at the gym. Frequent work outs help a lot in sculpting a good body shape as it helps to cut off excess fat from a person’s body. Some of these exercises allow females to attain flat tummies, larger butt and hips, slimmer arms and legs. Basically if these exercises are done well and efficiently the woman would come out looking a lot better in terms of her body. This is considered one healthy way to look good

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But in some cases other women opt for alternative faster methods to attain the desired body. With the use of butt and hip enhancement drugs or implants and body toning cosmetics that give them the desired skin colors among other things, some women tend to use these external enhancements to change their looks and in some cases these enhancements could have side effects which may make things even worse. And some go as far as to using products like stuffing bras and butt pads to give the illusion to others that they have some assets.

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In an interview with some students of G.I.J, most males interviewed do enjoy seeing a beautiful woman and hardly have any objections to their alterations to their bodies as long as it does not have any side effects or creates problems in the long run. The females on the other hand had issues with the use of the extreme methods of enhancements such as the butt enhancement drugs and fund it “overkill” as stated by one of the female interviewees. But they were not against the other ways of trying to look good. Other girls explained that they would do whatever it takes to go the extra mile for their male partners, so they are not against it at all and simply say it’s a question of choice dependent on the person.


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