The water Africa and west Africa building and construction 2016

The water Africa and west Africa building and construction 2016

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CIQohszWsAAESG0The water Africa and West Africa building and construction 2016 exhition, was held at the Accra international conference Centre in Accra on the 23rd of June, 2016.

 This exhibition displayed over 30 different companies within and outside Ghana. Some of the companies in Ghana that participated in the exhibition are Interplast, Polytank, Inestfly etc. and they were also the platinum sponsors of the program. The other companies were Shanxi Ascent, 10 Rajent, PI Makina, Herrenknecht AG Tunneling Systems, Hangzhou Bluestel machines, Al-Mega, Balmoral Tanks among others.

A company like BALMORAL Tanks deals in tanks for water storage used in industries. This company is based in the UK and it has been in existence for 35years but they do not have any branch in Ghana at the moment. They are now looking forward to get agents through this exhibition. They do business through emails. They also provide installations and technical services and also provide 1year warranty on the product.

Another company is the PI Makina Company limited. They deal in machines like crushing screening plants, concrete patching plants and concrete plants. It is located in turkey but they have few branches in Ghana but they are also looking forward to partner with other people through the exhibition. They also provide maintenance in Ghana but big issues relating to the machine are treated by themselves to reduce cost for customers. For more details contact Tarik Benamer, the international sales manager on (+90 312)484 08 00, 484 14 36, (+90 530) 977 80 64 or

There is also the Herrenknecht AG Tunneling System that deals in big trailing machines like 1 and 2metre machines for clearing soccer world cup. Their headquarters is in South Africa and are yet to open branches in Ghana. But at the moment they are working through their embassy in Ghana. The Company has been in existence for 30years with over 6000 employees. For more details contact Swen Weiner, sales Executive Manager on +49 3765 5259920, +49 3765 525388, +49 7824 302-1440 or or

10 RAJEB is also a first door and closet manufacturer from morocco. They are also looking forward to get agents since they do not have a branch in Ghana. It is cost effective especially for companies. Transactions are done through import. It is also a moisturizing resisting materials with materials like mahogany and sapele used to manufacture the product. They do not provide installations in Ghana but they will also make sure to train interested personnels through their personnels. For more enquiries contact Virginie Rodriguez, Export Commercial Executive on +212(0)661 588 381, +212(0)522 659 547 or

Shanxi Ascent Buildings also deals in ductile iron and welding pipes. It is a product from china with no branch in Ghana at the moment. They also provide 5years warrantee on their product with free maintenance within these grace period and it is done by their personnel’s. For more details contact Asa Wang, general manager on 0086- 13834557191, 0086- 351- 7922077, 0086- 351- 7921035 or or

Another is the AlMEGA Company that deals in machines like excavators and crushers.  This machine is from South Africa and it has been in existence since 2014. They have a branch in Ghana located at Asylum down near NPP head office. The machine is used for mining, demolishing and recycling. It also gives more volumes than the conventional ones.

Bluested machines also took part in the exhibition. They deal in roofing sheets and they are located in china but they have agents they work with though they do not have any branch in Ghana. Transactions are done through their agents with a little commission. 30% is to be deposited in the bank before any deal commence. They also provide a 1year warranty on their product. Speaking of roofing, check the best roofing experts visit this link.

Story By: Vicentia Obeng (L300C) and Asiedu Richard (L300A)

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