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There are various challenges doctors face in their profession. It is not that easy as it seems to be from the outside world. Nevertheless, the truth is that it is still one of the most sought after career option for youngsters despite the fact that the life of the general doctor's is not all hunky dory and there is whole lot of challenges faced by doctors today.

Ghana's population is about 22million people and only have 2000 doctors to contend. This therefore makes room for challenges. Speaking to Doctor Mavis Ttteh of Tema West End Specialist, she said the physical challenges faced by general doctor's to involve long and irregular working hours and time for doctors is luxury. The reason being is that, the profession requires to be ready to attend to patient whenever patient is in need of their service. This can result in varying levels of exhaustion and sleep deprivation. It is therefore advised that doctors must take good care of themselves so they are physically and mentally fit to stand for long period of time.
She also made mentioned of frustration from both colleagues and patients. Some doctors don’t abide by the rules in terms of punctuality to relieve others so they are forced to wait till they show up. This make their work difficult. Some patients withhold information about their conditions so they have to go through multiple modes of therapy or treatment finding the right one for particular patient may become challenge.

Doctor Tetteh made it clear that, dealing with people's lives on a daily basis is a whole different ball game. This overwhelms them and stress comes in. Benefit of this noble profession insufficient (income, time) etc. Doctors are encumbered with sad truth that, not everyone can be saved. "At the end of the day, they have a God given gif but they are not God" God is the healer of all diseases.

"There is lack of resources that leads to poor health care. Not everyone can afford good health care even with NHIS its difficult because the scheme doesn't cover all conditions or diseases but they are trying their possible best and putting in much effort to save life's by making sure all patients will be able to afford everything at the hospital".

Victoria Anteh (Dip 1B)

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