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 The Head of Languages Department of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), Mr David Dankwa Apawu in an interview with gijonline news raised concerns about group assignments and students’ approach towards it.

Group assignment and presentation is one common way of meeting new faces at GIJ. Every semester, assignments and presentations conducted in the University are usually in groups.  Students are either put into groups or allowed to form a group of their choice to work on assignments.

 A lecturer recommends how he wants the assignment to be presented; either it is presented individually or done in groups. The latter is very predominant since there are a large number of students in each department.

 Assignments conducted in groups increase productivity and performance among students, helping them to know more about themselves and others as well as develop their skills.

However, there is unequal participation among members making it very strenuous and less challenging hence undermining one’s creativity.

“In principle, group assignment is good, but it must be done well. It is the responsibility of the lecturer or tutor to ensure that he put in place modalities or arrangements to ensure that group assignments are properly done and to also monitor students’ participation.” stated Mr Dankwa Apawu.

Speaking to gijonline news, most students expressed dissatisfaction towards working in groups during the semester. However, a few are of the view that it helps bring out matured and insightful pieces on a specific subject matter.

They further explained that, although it is a very healthy way of socialising and building on one's academic strengths and weaknesses, most students fail to avail themselves leaving the workload on just two to three people in the group. This promotes laziness making the intelligent one more intelligent because one’s intelligence is not challenged. Whatever one says is accepted hook, line and sinker.

The lecturer and the student has a vital role to play in ensuring that group assignment becomes a success and serve the role it is meant to play.

Story by: PORTIA NEEQUAYE (level 300JN A)

               BENEDICTA MANARH (DIP 1)




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