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A two day conference on The National Philanthropy Forum, took place at the Accra International Conference Centre on    thursday 23rd to 24th of June 2016 under the theme: Tapping Indigenous Philanthropy for National Development.

The conference is organised by Oxford Research Group and was chaired by Prof. Mrs Goski Alabi.

Guest speakers were Hon. Alban S.K Bagbin, Majority Leader, Rev. Father Campbell parish priest, Christ the King , Mrs. Cynthia Lumor Exercutive director- MTN Ghana Foundation, Prof. Felix A. Asante, director –ISEER-University of Ghana –legon and many other dignitaries.

The plenary session of day one of the conference was divided into two phases one on ‘’the Role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) and National Development’’ and the second on ‘’Effort of local and international NGO’s towards the attainment of national development’’.

Speaking at the conference, the Executive Director- MTN Ghana Foundation Mrs Cynthia Lumor, highlighted on the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on National development.

  • Contribution to economic value via responsible business practices.
  • Focus on National priorities (health, education etc.)
  • Spread of responsibilities for social services.

She then went ahead to talk about the CSR projects MTN Ghana are doing but ‘’sustainability’’ has being their main problem.

So in order to make sure the project is well maintained, the community involved has to agree to certain maintenance conditions before the ‘’project is handed over to them’’ and also there’s a regular check up on the project by their ‘’team to see if there’s anything wrong’’ they need to ‘’intervene and help’’.

‘’it’s the responsibility of everyone to go next level by identifying the needs of our community and helping out. And so we have an initiative called MTN Heroes of Change’’.  

A lot of traditional CSR Organisations are motivated by individuals who are trying to make a change in their communities without asking the help from anywhere.

‘’Society expect Corporate Organisations to take up social causes and that has pushed organisations to dedicate some of their resources to the communities through developmental projects’’.

“CSR helps in controlling Corruption, there’s transparency, accountability and good governancethat’s when an organisation take up a project which falls within the plans of the government, the government support that organisation financially. Therefore, the fund for such a project goes “directly to the people” without passing though the hands of anyone”. Speaking on effective CSR, Director-ISEER-University of Ghana-Legon, Prof Felix Asante.

“Philanthropy and promoting the welfare of the people can not only be done with money” but also through the “talent, time, volunteerism and advocacy” of the people.

“What are the motive behind developmental projects set up by Organisation?” the chairperson Prof Mrs Goski Alabi being all rhetoric during her presentation.

Day 2 of the conference will start at 9am-4pm today 24th June 2016 at the AICC

Story By: Vicentia Obeng (JNA) and Asiedu Richard (JNB)


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