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In today’s globalized and competitive society, specialized knowledge and skills are at a premium. Your worth depends on how much you know. Education then becomes the key. Nonetheless some may find it quite boring and time consuming to undergo a four-year-degree program. Some on the other hand may not have money for such degree or masters courses, therefore many fall on certificate or short courses.

Graduate certificate courses are short courses of study designed to meet the supplemental education needs of interested persons and professionals. At the Ghana Institute of Journalism for instance, certificate courses prepares students for a thorough and systematic coverage of things they need to know. GIJ has over the years won the first position as an institution accredited with producing decision makers and pundits of issues relating to media.

GIJ online news in an interview with MR Sammy Atogua, of the institute’s academic affairs, said that acquiring knowledge from the institute does not only expose one to wisdom but also equips the person with the needed skills to surmount any competition. Explaining some of the advantages of being a certificate holder of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, he addressed that it enhances one’s skills and professional expertise, boost one’s career advancement potential, and facilitates the development of news skill build up your CV and so on.

According to him, for a certificate to endure the test of time and continuous upgrades, it needs to be awarded by an institution that does not only impact knowledge but also has a reputation to protect. Hence recommended a shorter, credible and cheaper certificate awarded by the institute. He also commented that the forms are free and notice of class commencement is published three week ahead of time in the Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times newspaper. Classes are scheduled for evening at a minimum during of two weeks and maximum three weeks. The programs he explained are not examinable, thus are free from the scare of re-sits. 

Ghana Institute of Journalism also offers programs for practitioners and the general public in communication-related areas such as;

  • Radio and Television presentation
  • Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Action and Strategic Planning
  • Radio Journalism
  • TV Journalism
  • Writing Skills
  • Photo Journalism among other options

By Matilda Obeng

Public Relations.

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