Celebrities and Keeping Fit

Celebrities and Keeping Fit

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Story By: Natalie Nketsia Asiedu (Level 300C JN) and Peace Dzamenu(Dip 1A)

Most celebrities today agree with the notion that exercise leads to a healthy life.

Former METRO T.V presenter and host of “MORNING RIDE’ Aku Manfo popularly known as “BLAKOFE’ shares her views on the importance of keeping fit as a celebrity.

Talking to GIJONLINENEWS, BLAKOFE suggests that local media persons should maintain the right outlook in terms of fitness as done by most international media personalities in order to go about their work actively. She emphasized on the fact that TV hosts need to look a certain way in order to suit the screens and also appeal to the viewers.

“Everybody likes to see what is nice so if you are on TV, you should be attractive enough to be stared at on TV’

“I swim and love cycling a lot….I use to be very sporty since my days in school and I still have the records for long jump and some sporting activities apart from swimming for my school” _BLAKOFE

Concluding, she advices everyone to take keeping fit as a part of life.

One of Ghana’s finest male radio presenter [Giovanni Caleb] of STAR FM attest to the claim that celebrities workout in order to look fine all the time.

In an interview with him, he disclosed to GIJONLINENEWS … “I started working out during my days in the university before celebrity met me…..can’t talk for my other colleagues but working out helps you develop the kind of body that boost your confidence in outfit and also helps you distress” He continued to say since we all have different anatomies, seeking a specialist advice would help but I work on my arm, abs and chest not always at the gym but sometimes at home.

It’s a good thing to stay fit with or without working out.


Also, GHONETV’s Presenter Adwoa Sarpong popularly as A.J Sarpong address keeping fit from the healthy eating point of view.

“As a TV person, I have to keep up impression with what I wear and how I look in it and that gives me the motivation to keep fit…..and that I do by eating healthy, on time and also I take some walking sessions at work since am not able to go to the gym due to my busy schedule”.

She says she concentrates on your tommy and her curves because ‘I have curves and I have to define my curves’

Being a certain weight doesn’t mistreat you from working out.


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