Apple To Introduce A Universal Remote

Apple To Introduce A Universal Remote

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Apple, which intends to be a smart home’s nerve center has announced that it would create an app called HOME to be able to connect and control all of their smart Home Kits devices.

The Home app will enable users to control a fantasia-like orchestra of smart gadgets from one place including everything (from smart doorbells and locks to thermostats, light bulbs, humidifiers and entertainment systems). The app will also let users engage in Siri to tweak the settings on those devices.

According to Accenture Survey, about half consumers have serious security concern about smart home and other devices and quarter have deliberately postponed buying an IoT devices and services with the fervor for electronics and appliance brands. 

Despite the absolute flood of smart home devices in the market, 20% of European households and 35% of North American households are using these devices according to Berg Insight (an industry research firm in Gothenburg, Sweden).

The most commonly used smart home devices are internet-connected and smartphone controllable thermostats, security monitors, audio and entertainment systems, cameras and light bulbs.

Apple believes positioning the Home app for end users at the center of this universe, can keep every rising trend with the smart home market. If Home measures up to Apple’s best user experience, it will help Apple keep competition with Samsung’s smart things, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Brillo and Weave in part by keeping end users enthralled with the IOS ecosystem.

Apple’s Home has a potential to bring it a front row view of what is working and what is not in the smart home. The Home app will ostensibly know which smart home device users are accessing and adjusting the most and how.


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