Affordable Health Care: A Burden to The Disabled

Affordable Health Care: A Burden to The Disabled

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HighLife-Ghana-Website-SKATEBOARD-900x600There are lots of physically challenged people across the world. Persons with disability ACT 715, 2006 states that by legislative instruments, schools and institutions must be designated in each region which shall provide the necessary facilities and equipment,  that will enable persons with disability to fully benefit from the school, but this does not seem to be working.

A preamble to the World Health Organization report on disability estimated that, 600 to 650 million persons making  15% of the total world population of which 110 million(2.2%) to 190 million(3.8%) who live in developing countries are persons with various forms of disability, which reduce their ability to effectively or safely use various facilities.IMG-20160617-WA0009-1

A 51 year old’s condition, which was diagnosed as primary progressive MS, had deteriorated significantly and she was barely able to leave her house. She told BBC Look North: “The pain of this disease is never –ending. Since I was diagnosed in 1995 it’s only ever got worse. It’s not the choice between living and dying. The choice is between extreme pain and discomfort.”

“I haven’t been out of bed in two and a half years because I can’t sit up properly without feeling very sick. I can’t see properly any more, I can’t use the computer too much, my voice recognition system keeps not recognizing my voice now- which is limiting- and to disagree with me is to condemn me to 30 years of this”.

Affordability and health service are the two main reasons why people with disabilities do not receive needed health care in low-income countries. 32-33% of non-disabled people are unable to afford health care compared to 51-53% of people with disabilities.


Story: Dolly Addai Dip 1A

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