Be Mindful Of Your Sitting Positions – Physiotherapist Says.

Be Mindful Of Your Sitting Positions – Physiotherapist Says.

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37 military hospital

A senior physiotherapists at the 37 Military Hospital, Dorothy Adjabu, has raised concerns about the sitting position of students in their studies as well as during lectures.

According to her, the “wrong sitting position maintained by students during their studies in school does affect their posture.”

“Good posture is essential because it aids the body to function well at all times and it promotes ease of movement and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being,” she said.

“In the classroom, sometimes students don’t sit upright. Your back is supposed to touch the back of your chair when you sit down. But sometimes students sit in a plunged manner or sit with the buttocks close to the edge of the chair; and only the upper back and not the lower back part is resting on the seat. That can create a lot of problems,” she added.

Speaking in an interview with GIJ Online, she further advised both students and workers “to desist from sitting in one position for more than 120 minutes – stand up and move around.”

“Everyone wants to look good but more often than not we forget to take care of our posture during our daily activities. Preferably, a correct posture implies for example that you sit with your back straight, chest up and out and your belly completely tucked in,” she advised.“The manner in which you carry yourself will determine how aligned your body becomes.”

She further advised ladies who prefer wearing high heels for long periods of time to desist from doing so.“Every person has normal curves from the neck down to the lower part; but when you wear high heels it changes the curves in your back especially your lower back. So overtime you realize that you get a lot of back pain because the high heel changes your center of gravity. If you wear flats, your center of gravity is different from when you wear high heels,” she explained.“It is better to wear flats – ultimate flat wears, heels – the heels shouldn’t be so long maybe a few inches. Or you can wear wedges. Wedges have a larger base of support as compared to the high heels,” she stressed.

The use of back packs and hand bags

Addressing the issue of both students and workers handling their back packs as well as hand bags on only one hand for long periods, she advised that, “People should switch regularly from one hand to the other so as to maintain a good posture.”

“Over time as you carry your bag on one hand for a long period, it turns to affect how you look. For such a person who does that, stand before a mirror and you would notice how your body is gradually tilting towards that direction that you normally hold or hang your bag,” she explained.

According to her, a “defective posture may cause fatigue, muscular strain, and, in later stages, pain.”


BY: Kumi Obed Afari (Level 300c Journalism)

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