Eyebrow Palava

Eyebrow Palava

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Story by: Anita Coleman, Natalie Aseidu Nketiah and Sherifa S. Lutterodt

Eyebrows are known to be a very sensitive part of the face, which most ladies fancy about. In the past there was no fuss about eyebrows and it was not soo important to ladies.Our mothers used to draw lines through their brows to their own satisfaction without bieng particular about the shape  and outlines.
 But now in recent times shaping of eyebrows has become fashion, with different styles and names theres butterfly,nike upsidedown, diana upbrown,alex brown etc.
Speaking to Gij Online News ,Miss Janet a beautician at golden touch parloure explained how ladies come in day in and out just to have their eyebrow shaped nicely even without applying make up. She also said that its not compulsory to wax the brows before shaping even though its the best thing to do
She also mentioned that some brows can be drawn with  pencil, gel or tattooed,and that eyebrows do spark up the face and boost the face to look nice.
According to Natalie Aseidu Nketiah a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, she does shape her eyebrow sometimes because it makes her look good .and knows of styles like nike,butterfly among many others.And  added that eyebrow shaping today is far better than in the olden days .
Speaking to Lucas Elli, she mentioned that indeed eyebrows boost and make some girls look nicer but the way some over do it makes it not pleasant to the eyes as it shoul be..
       Eyebrows have now become a prioty to girls and to some its not but the right way of doing it should be done to suit the face.

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