Does BECE Centres Affect The Continuing Students?

Does BECE Centres Affect The Continuing Students?

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The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is written in some selected Senior and Junior High Schools which serve as centres for the exam. During this five days period in which the exam takes place, students of the selected schools remain in their homes providing the ground for the candidates to write the exam. This puts studies in those school on hold while other schools which were not made centres carry on with their studies. As to whether it has a significant effect on the students, gijonlinenews took to various schools to quiz some teachers about it. They however shared varied opinions.

In an interview with Mrs. Diana Okyere Asare, a teacher of Sakumono images-2School Complex, said that using the school as a centre does not affect their studies in any way.

“If you prepare your syllabus as a forecast and you are holding extra classes, then I don’t think it will affect them. Those at home don’t get affected because what was lost within that period will be coved when school resumes“. She said those writing also encountered the same problem the previous year but they were serious with their books and are confidently writing the exams.

According to Mrs. Okyere Asare, the holidays in every term are equal to the number of days used for the BECE. As such, they organized extra classes to make up for the lost period so it does not significantly affect their studies.

She further stated that, if concerns are that studies are affected then the Government should organize a place for the exams other than the schools so that classes can still be in session.

Mrs. Christiana Quansah of the Holy Child Roman Catholic Basic School also stated that the exams period should be during vacation so that the candidates can have sound mind to write their paper and the continuing students can also enjoy their vacation without any interruption in their studies.

“During my time, that is in the 90’s, examinations such as this were done on vacation. This prepared the candidate adequately in the absence of interruptions by the continuing students”, she said.

This year’s BECE ended last Friday. The ambiance in most schools was the showing of excitement by candidates as they successfully ended their final paper.

Story By: Peace Abena Agbetsivi

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