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MTN has just launched the first 4G network which is the fastest internet on mobile phones. The launch was held at the MTN House at Ridge after a while of advertisement.

During the launch, the Chief Information Officer, Abbad Reda shared his experience with the 4G LTE. He said the 4G network is the best, quality and fastest internet on his mobile phone. He gets to experience the fastest download of his email, video and everything he uses through the internet.

In an exclusive interview with the Corporate Services Executive Mrs. Cynthia Lumor, she said MTN’s 4G service is the only 4G service you can use on your phone. In making sure your phone is 4G compatible, you can dial *585# and follow the prompts to check if the device is compatible. If the device is not compatible, one could go to the MTN office to purchase a phone at an affordable price, after which one would get their old sim card swapped for a 4G SIM.

Mrs Cynthia Lumor, Coporate Services Executive, MTN
Mrs Cynthia Lumor, Coporate Services Executive, MTN
She added that, "MTN is the only company with the 4G service available in every region in Ghana and therefore when you switch from other services, you would have a wider coverage. With 4G services, you can upload and download faster and the speed is ten times faster than other technologies.
"The wonderful thing about 4G service is that, in addition to being able to use it in your dongles and routers and other devices like other 4G’s, MTN also provides it on your phone. When you insert the sim card into your phone and in a 4G area, you use the 4G and when outside the 4G area, the phone automatically switches to whatever technology is available therefore making the experience spectacular".

MTN is Ghana's premier communications network and is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The communication network launched their 4G LTE to compete with Surfline and Busy 4G.

According to a staff of the communication network, 4G is just like Surfline and other internet networks but the difference being 4G purposely for mobile phones. He said 4G is not like the 3g because it is very fast and smart and whatever it is done with is faster, be it uploads or downloads. He gave the assurance of 4G being smarter than Surfline and Busy 4G.
Story by: Gifty Kwarteng Dwira (L300)
Elsie Arthur (Dip1)

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